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Junior Sailing Summer Program Summary

To register for CYC's Junior Sailing Program, click here

- You will need to create an account with My Family, the host site for registration. If you already have a My Family account, you just need to log in.

- Here are detailed instructions to use the site, should you need help: CYC Registration Instructions

Session Dates

Session 1:  June 25 - July 20
Session 2:  July 23 - August 17

Two-week session dates:
Available for Adventure Sailing, Keel boat crew training, and Beginners only 

Session 1: June 25 - July 6
Session 2: July 9 - 20
Session 3: July 23 - August 3
Session 4: August 6 - 17

Green Fleet 420 - Wednesday add-on dates: Session 1, all Wednesday's are available; Session 2, only July 25 & August 1 are available to add on. Add-on prices reflect this on the registration page.

Monday Night Sailing - Starting July 2, junior sailors participating in the junior sailing program at CYC are invited to come sail off the dock from 4:30-6 pm on Monday evenings. Parents are encouraged to come and watch their children sail and even participate (if they know how to sail). This is NOT an instructional evening; it is a chance for sailors to come down and have fun sailing prams, Hunters, O'Pen Bics, our Quest, and Optimists. SUPs & kayaks are also used. It is a 'open' sail time, though a short course is set and there are usually short, fun races run. No racing experience is necessary.
This an evening to have fun on the water. Parents, please help with on the water oversight from the dock. Meg is present and junior instructors or CIT's are on hand to help rig and sail with others, but the number of helpers we have is limited.
We end the evening with grilled hot dogs and watermelon. Any parent interested in helping grill, help is always welcome!
Rules for Monday Night Sailing:

1.) Swimming must be done in and around the pram dock.
2.) If a sailor jumps off of their sailboat, the sailboat must immediately stop to pick the sailor up. The mooring field area is designated a 'marina' area and no swimming is allowed. Thankfully traffic in our area on the water is limited on Monday nights, but we cannot have kids swimming in the mooring field. The risk is far to great.

3.) Sailors are asked to stay within in the mooring field. NO ONE is to go out into the channel beyond the mooring field.
4.) Life jackets are required at all times when on the water for all ages.
5.) Life jackets are required for all junior sailors when on the pier and the dock.
6.) Respect the equipment. No hitting other boats or pirating other boats.
7.) Sailors may bring a friend, but waivers are required for anyone not in the CYC Junior Sailing Program.
8.) Come with a smile to have fun sailing!

• Registration opened February 15 for CYC members and returning Limited Junior Sailing Members (those who participated in Junior Sailing last summer).

Registrations are due by May 15, after which time a $50 late fee will be charged.  (The May 1 deadline is for planning and staffing purposes.)

• Registration for new non-members opened March 15.

• CYC Member families and any non-member families who participated in the 2017 program will be confirmed as their registrations are received. Confirmations are sent automatically from the registration website. If you do not receive a registration confirmation e-mail, please contact Meg Myles - In this case, assume there was a problem with your registration and that your sailor is not registered. (Please check your SPAM file as well.)

Payment is due at the time of registration. Club Members have the option of charging fees to their Club Membership. Member accounts will see Junior Sailing billing on their May and June statements. Those registering for an eight-week racing class will see their accounts charged in June for the full amount.

• A 2018 CYC Jr. Sailing t-shirt will be given to each sailor whose registration is received by May 15 only. Please be sure to indicate your desired t-shirt size on the registration form during the registration process.

Sailors must be 8 years old by September 1, 2018 to participate in junior sailing.

Opening Night will be held Friday, June 22 from 6-6:30 pm outside of the junior room on the back lawn. It is mandatory for all junior sailing participants. This evening is important for parents and sailors alike. (All children are welcome.) T-shirts for 2018 will be handed out at this time.

Optimist & Green Fleet Racers: The week of June 22 will serve as a rigging week for all Optimist & Green Fleet sailors. Parents will receive an e-mail from the class coach/coaches to set up a time to meet. The coaches for Green Fleet & Optimist Racing will be on hand to help your sailor rig one on one. Parents will also be briefed on the racing schedule - how to register, when to register, and expectations.


Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our Safety Plan is comprehensive and up to date. You can download it and read it here: CYC JS Sailing Safety Guidelines

Swim Check – All sailors must pass a swim check each year in order to join CYC Jr. Sailing Classes.  Swim checks are performed during the first day of class, the first week each session.  The swim check consists of sailors jumping in the water without their life jackets on, swimming to the pink buoy off the main dock (about 50 yards), treading water for 60 seconds and finally putting on a life jacket while in the water. Swim checks will be performed in small groups with the Instructors on the dock watching, ready to go in if needed. We want sailors to succeed, not to be nervous about the swim check. Please speak with your sailor’s instructor or the Program Director if your child is nervous or worried about the swim check.

Concussions & Helmets – Like in many other sports, concussions are a risk in the sport of sailing. While learning to sail and developing sailing skills, getting hit in the head with the boom is common. The CYC Junior Sailing Committee recommends the use of helmets in sailing class. CYC does not provide helmets though. Helmets are NOT mandatory and there is NO national standard that endorses or requires the use of a helmet.
After a sailor has received a hit to the head and a concussion is suspected, he/she may only return to class after being examined by a medical practitioner.
All CYC Instructors are required to complete a training course regarding recognizing concussions & concussion protocol.

Instructors – The CYC instructing staff is comprised of competent and talented sailors and coaches.  We employ senior instructors who are US Sailing level 1 certified; Apprentice Instructors, who are not as yet Level 1 certified, but are helping to teach classes by assisting the senior instructors and working one on one with the students; and jr. instructors, who are still actively sailing in the junior program but are learning to teach and coach.  This pyramidal coaching system helps to develop qualified Instructors, as well as provide more one on one instruction for each sailor in CYC’s Junior Sailing Program.

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What to Bring

Equipment – All Jr. Sailors must bring their own life jacket. Life jackets are to be worn at all times when on a boat, on the water, on the pier, and on the docks. 

Additionally, children should have the following:
- Hat
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Closed-toed boating shoes (bare feet not allowed)
- A snack (no food is provided)
- A Towel
- A change of clothes
- Layers in case it is cold or raining. (It is always cooler on the water, and sailors will sail in the rain. Children will NOT sail if there are thunderstorms or thunderstorms are within a 20 mile radius. Classes are held though, regardless of the weather.)
- A water bottle.  In order to reduce the number of plastic cups used for water, sailors are required to bring their own water bottles. Refill stations are available in the junior room.

Lunch –
Sailors in all day classes are encouraged to bring their lunch.
Students are not allowed to leave CYC during the day.
Limited-member sailors may order lunch at CYC if a lunch account is set up before the first day of his or her class. Lunch accounts are established by giving a $50 deposit/child to the CYC office. Any balance on an account at the end of the summer may be refunded upon request.

For those who are year round, dues paying CYC Members, you do not need a separate account for your sailors to order lunch – they will use your family CYC Member number.

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Policies & Fees

Fees Included – The following in included with the fees that are paid for junior sailing classes:
- Instruction
- Facility use
- Program costs
- Boat storage
- Boat use & maintenance for all classes with supplied boats
- Awards
- Coaching at NBYA regattas.

All non-CYC boats used in junior sailing will need a sticker. Stickers will be given to sailors by their coach, the Program Director (Meg Myles), or the Club Steward, Jack Hawkins. Without a sticker on your sailor’s boat, there is a risk that your boat will be removed to CYC’s parking lot, or be charged CYC’s storage fee for the summer. Please speak with Meg Myles, the Program Director, or Jack Hawkins, CYC’s club steward, with any questions you may have.

Refund policy – After June 1, a $25 administrative fee will be assessed, with the balance refunded. If a sailor has attended class(es), the refund will be prorated based on the number of classes attended.

A $25 change fee will be instituted for those changing classes more than once. We will work hard to ensure that all sailors are put in the correct class the first time.
A.) There is no change fee if a class change is recommended from the Program Director, or an Instructor
B.) If it is the first change at the request of a parent.
C.) If a sailor is ready to move up within a 2, 4, or 8 week session, sailors will be be able to change classes without an additional change fee.

Policy on Non-Conforming Schedules – Full attendance at scheduled classes maximizes the opportunity for your child to learn and gain valuable time in a boat experiencing sailing.  We encourage a full summer of participation.  In an effort to accommodate busy family schedules while still maximizing our instructors and club owned boats and equipment, we offer the following policy on non-conforming schedules.

All non-conforming scheduling requests are subject to approval of the CYC Jr Program Director.

Adding Classes – Sailors with their own boat may be accommodated in an appropriate class for less than a full session with the following restrictions:
  • The request must be for no less than one week per session, assuming the sailor already has or will be participating in a full 4-week session.
  • Approval is based upon on class size and availability
  • In 2018, we have added weekly class costs to accomodate changing schedules, and allow one week of a class to be added on if a full session has been or will be completed. It is assumed that add-on weeks will take place immediately preceeding or immediately following the full session a child will be participating in. The following classes are eligible for weekly add-ons: Beginners, Intermediates, Adventure Optimist, Adventure Sailing - 5 days, 3 days, or 2 days, Keel Boat Crew Training, Green Fleet 420
  • Racing Teams are not elgible for add-on or missing weeks. In those classes, our costs and assets are fixed and based on the maximum number of participants.
Missing Classes – Sailors with or without their own boat, who participate in both sessions, may request a refund for a period of planned absence with the following restrictions:
  • Racing teams/classes are not eligible for refunds.
  • The request must be made at the time of registration
  • The request must not exceed 1 week per session
  • The refund, if allowed, will be the pro-rata fee for the class, plus 20%
  • Requests must be made in writing. E-mails are acceptable. Please direct all requests to the Program Director, Meg Myles:
To maximize participation and the utilization of club owned boats, such refunds will not be allowed if the class uses club owned boats and is sold out.  To do so would deny participation by a sailor while a club owned boat is not utilized for a period of time.

Making-Up Classes – Sailors who miss class because of school getting out late or another unavoidable conflict, may make up class at another time if the schedule allows. Classes must be made up within the same session whenever possible. An un-planned vacation, playdate or 'mental health day' are NOT acceptable reasons to allow a make-up class. To discuss making up classes, please contact the Program Director, Meg Myles. The Program Director reserves the right to deny a make-up class.

Scheduling Request Procedure
  • Register on the web site for the session(s) and classes.
  • Use the ‘pay by check’ or club billing option (to avoid the necessity of issuing refunds)
  • After registration is completed, submit your request to the Program Director
The adjusted price, if approved, can be paid by check or will be reflected on your CYC bill if you are a club member.

Changing Classes – Children grow and develop at different rates. Though all children want to be in class with their friends, sailing classes are organized by skill and ability more than age. (There are general ages that apply to most classes however.) A sailor will not be advanced to a class for which they are not ready just because their friends have advanced. It is always better to move a child of any age up rather than back in a class.
Additionally, some children will be ready to move up to the next level faster than the four or eight week class schedule that we offer. Instructors are constantly monitoring students for improvement and a chance to move to the next level. Class instructors will inform the Head Instructor and/or the Program Director when a sailor is ready to move up. The Program Director will contact a sailor’s parents to discuss changing classes.
Sailing is a life long sport and activity. One of CYC Junior Sailing’s missions is to instill a life-long love of the water and sailing. Allowing children to develop and grow at their own pace is critical to developing that love of sailing.
Please refer to the CYC Recommended Sailing Progressions document for guidance on how the CYC Junior Sailing Classes progress and work; or contact the Program Director.

Private Lessons – Private lessons are available with the Instructor of your choice.  If you do not have a preference, an instructor will be assigned based on the needs of the sailor.  Rates are: $60 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum requirement.  There is an additional $10 per hour charge for each student added (up to 4). Private lessons are scheduled through the Program Director. Instructors may not have access to a powerboat if the Program Director is not informed about the private lesson.

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Payment & Payment Plans

Paying by check- Payment is expected within two weeks of registering.  If payment is not received within two weeks, your child will be taken off the class registration list and put on a waiting list.

Payment Plans – CYC will try to accommodate anyone who needs to set up payment plan. Please contact the Program Director, Meg Myles, to discuss this and create a payment plan schedule. Classes must be paid in full before your child’s first day of class begins.

Credit cards – Credit cards can only be accepted during the registration process. The CYC office is not able to accept nor process credit card payments.

Registration – When you are ready to register, make sure that you have your insurance information (carrier and number) on hand. You will be required to enter this information.

The registration is one long page. You have not completed registration until you click the 'Submit' button. All sailors must be registered online.
Credit cards can only be used to register online. The CYC office does not accept credit cards.
• Contact the Program Director, Meg Myles with any registration issues –

Lunchtime Speakers & Activities – Periodically lunch-time speakers will be scheduled to talk to the sailors about marine science, environmental science, and pertinent environmental issues. All sailors who stay for lunch will be asked to come and listen to the speaker. The lunch-time speaker series is open to all children, all ages, and is free of charge. Children and adults not in the junior sailing program are welcome as well. The purpose of the lunchtime speakers is for enrichment purposes – to get kids feeling good and excited about the environment around them.

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Combining Classes

There are a multidtude of potential class combinations. Below are a few suggestions:
  • Add one day each week, $100/session cost. (The day must be the same each week and must be added each week for the four week session.)
  • Add two extra days each week – $200/session cost. (The two days must be added for all four weeks of a session and must be the same two days each week.)
420 Racing & Lasers
  • There is a $75/session discount off the Laser Class if combined with 420 Racing. ($150 discount for combining for both sessions)
Green Fleet 420 & Optimist Racing
  • There is a $75/session discount off the Green Fleet 420 class if combined with Optimist Racing. ($150 discount for combining for both sessions)
Green Fleet 420 (4 week sessions) & Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 2 or 3 day a week add-on (Tues, Wed., Thurs., 9-12)
Adventure Opti (4 weeks) & Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 3 day a week add-on (Tues, Wed., Thurs., 9-12). (Children must be 12 years old or older to join Adventure Sailing).
Keel Boat Crew Training & Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)

Green Fleet (8 week) & Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 2 day a week add-on (Monday and Friday, 9-12, 1-4, or 9-4)
Optimist Racing (8 weeks) and Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 2 day a week add-on (Monday and Friday, 9-12, 1-4, or 9-4)
420 Racing and Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 2 day a week add-on (Monday and Friday, 9-12, 1-4, or 9-4)
Lasers & Adventure Sailing (2 week sessions)
  • 3 day a week add-on (Tues, Wed. Thurs., 9-12, 1-4, or 9-4)


CYC also has a Junior Tennis Program. The Director of racquets and the Sailing Director do try to coordinate schedules to allow children to participate in both sailing and tennis. Please see below for some tennis options, and be sure to check CYC's Jr. Tennis page for more information and available classes & clinics. To  register, contact:
(CYC does not and cannot transport children to CYC's tennis courts in Shoreby Hill. It is a short walk or bike though from the waterfront.)

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