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Ladies' & Men's Doubles Club Championships
Saturday, August 11


The 2018 CYC Tennis Ladies' & Men's Doubles Club Championships were held this past Saturday and although the conditions were very wet, we managed to complete the tournament.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our Ladies winners, Susan Wynn & Betsy Edie who prevailed over runners up, Alice Porter & Deb Foppert.  

On the Men's side, winners, Owen & Steve Heath edged out Nico & Mark Ozer in a tight three set battle.  

We'd also like thank all of the spectators who came out to support the players and enjoy watching tennis from our new front porch.


Parent-Child Tournament 2018
Saturday, July 28, 2018

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the 2018 Parent Child Tournament!
Winners: Bill & Gus Greene


Mixed Doubles Club Championships
Sunday, July 15, 2018
Results & photos courtesy of Rob Parker, Director of Racquet Sports

Thank you to all of our 2018 Mixed Club Championships players for a fun day of tennis! Congratulations to our winners, Susan & Scott Wynn and finalists, Betsy & Rick Edie!


Roger Chase Memorial Tournament
Sunday, June 10, 2018
Results & photos courtesy of Rob Parker, Director of Racquet Sports

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Roger Chase Memorial Tournament.
The event, chaired by Julia Richardson & Sarah Baines, was enjoyed by all and raised $1460 for the Jamestown Medical Fund. We appreciate all the support from the Club in facilitating this event.

Men's Winners: Hector Derozza & Martin Crimmins (non- members)
Runners up: Jeff Heath & Evan Smith

Ladies' Winners: Deb Ludwig & Barb Gradeley (non-members)
Runners up: Lydia Owen & Cory Sertl


Tennis Survey Results
March 12, 2018
Survey & analysis courtesy of Sheila Reilly

The CYC Tennis Committee, at its seasonal wrap-up meeting, was thinking ahead to next year.  Although courts are open for play from early May until late September, our “summer season” is very short, because so many players are seasonal residents.

The Committee needed to understand which of the many events and activities offered, from highly competitive to purely social, were most attractive to players, so the 2018 season calendar could best meet players’ desires. 

Sheila Reilly, with the help of the Committee, designed a very targeted Survey Monkey questionnaire to help answer these questions.  The survey was launched to the entire Membership, with the hope that we could also capture feedback from non-active players who may help us understand ways in which the tennis suite of activities and events was not appealing.

The survey was "open" for three and a half weeks during which 85 responses were recieved and are reported on here.

View the survey results


Men's Doubles Club Championships

Winners: Bill Greene & Mark Ozer
Runners Up: Evan Smith & Steve Heath


Mixed Doubles Club Championships

Winners: Karen Neri & Scott Wynn
Runners Up: Amy Smith & Jeff Heath

Ladies Singles Club Championships

Winner: Jennifer Lambert
Runner Up: Susan Wynn

Ladies Doubles Club Championships

Betsy Edie & Susan Wynn
Runners Up: Karen Neri & Tracy Parsons

Men's Singles Club Championships

Winner: Mark Ozer
Runner-up: Steve Heath

Ladies Member-Guest Tournament

Winners: Janet Greene & Helen Pecori
Runners Up: Sarah Baines & Barbara Gradely


Parent Child Tournament

Congratulations to the winners and  participants of the 2017 Parent Child Tournament!

Over 12 Winners: Mark & Nico Ozer (bottom photo)
Under 12 Winners: Wilson & Adams Miller (not pictured)

2017 Blue Water Tennis is in the Books!

Three boats competed in CYC’s time-honored annual Blue Water Tennis event on Saturday July 1.  Conceived as a way to bring sailors and tennis players together in a fun competition, it lived up to expectations again this year.  And Mother Nature gave us an excellent weather day to make it that much more fun.

Andrew Kallfelz captained Aurora with 7 crew aboard, including Julie, Andrew’s sister and brother-in-law, the Van der Meers, Peter Cosel, Sarah Baines and Colby Richardson.


Commodore Don Wineberg entered Godzilla, with Charley Beal and Anne Turilli, normally on their own boat, Ken Brodin, Tim Dwyer, Hutch and Vivi, and Evan Smith.


We were delighted to welcome a new entry, Cassandra, owned by Chris Pardus, skippered by Tony Lush, with crew Alex Pardus, Julie Sanford and George Lynch, Alexandra Gillis, Janet Green and event organizer, Sheila Reilly.

Rob Parker did his best to provide level matches for all, and at the end of the morning’s tennis competition, the order of finish was Godzilla, Aurora close behind and Cassandra in solid third.

Out on the water, the breeze allowed for a good pace.  Godzilla had the best start, but Aurora made up time on the water, while Cassandra gamely brought up the rear.  As the race was handicapped, the Race Committee took some time to work out adjusted times, and it turned out that Aurora lost by a mere 15 seconds to Godzilla.  Cassandra was not too far behind at the finish.

Kudos to the Commodore and the Godzilla crew’s winning performance, both on the courts and the water, they took the overall competition and have bragging rights until next year.

Many thanks go to our Race Committee, consisting of Emily and Dick Boenning, who stepped in at the last minute to help.  And thanks the CYC staff for breakfast food, lunch (mmm, pastrami …) and great apres sail chicken wings!  A big thank you to Sheila Reilly for chairing the event!

Roger Chase Memorial Tournament, 2017


Winners: Mary Hutchinson & Ellen Noble
Runners Up: Deb Foppert & Suzanne O'Donnell
Winners: Stuart Dweck & Rob Parker
Runners Up: (not pictured) Steve Heath & Fred Burditt


Sunday June 11, 2017
This past Sunday we had a wonderful sunny Roger Chase Tennis Tournament to benefit the Jamestown Medical Fund. We had a record 17 teams of players from all over Rhode Island come out and play and the tennis was a high standard and a lot of fun.

Many players now come back every year and the Roger Chase Tournament is becoming a highlight of the tennis calendar for Southern Rhode Island.

We want to thank CYC for kindly donating the lunches and Rob Parker, our excellent Tennis Pro, for donating the tennis balls and his time to organize the tournament.

We raised $960 for the Medical Fund and look forward to topping the $1000 mark next year.

Tournament chairs,
Sarah Baines and Julia Richardson


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