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J/22 Information

Conanicut Yacht Club owns four J/22's. The boats are kept on moorings directly in front of CYC. The boats are used in a variety of ways:

  • Adult lessons
  • Clinics
  • Series racing on the Bay (available for charter)
  • Regattas
  • Junior Sailing

CYC's boats are maintained by the club's staff and are in good condition. Racing sails are available for racing charters. Boats can be used in a 'pay as you go' method, or via Fleet Membership.
Boats are available for CYC club member use only, with the excpetion of lessons - non-members may take adult lessons.
See details below.


Fleet Membership

A J/22 Fleet Membership allows unlimited use of the boats when they are available, but does not include any usage for racing. CYC members may purchase a Fleet Membership for $275 for the season. Boats are not available on Sunday's from 12:30-3:30/4. Additionally, the boats may not be available two Friday evenings a month for July and August so that we can run an additional program with them - Match Racing.
Information about becoming a Fleet Member can be found here.

J/22 Usage without Fleet Membership

The J/22s can be used without chartering for racing or buying a J/22 Fleet membership. CYC members can ‘pay as you go’. Boats can be used in blocks of time -  two and a half hours in the spring and three hours in the summer. The cost per block of time is $75. Additionally, there is a skills assessment check out fee of $50. All J/22 users are required to pass the skills assessment and check out prior to using a J/22. Contact Meg Myles with any questions you may have and to schedule boat usage in this category of usage. (Usage priority is given to J/22 Fleet Members.) (Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance.)


Skills Assessment Check Out:

All members who use a J/22 in any capacity (Ladies Sailing Club & those taking adult lessons excepted) are required to pass a skills assessment and check out prior to use. The check out process must be completed annually. Allow 1-1.5 hours for the check out process.
Meg Myles performs all of the check outs. Whatever sails a member intends to use when sailing, must be used during the check out process.

About the check out/skills assessment:
The check out process is a time for Sailing Director, Meg Myles to both teach users how to use the boat, i.e. making a reservation, signing it out in the launch room, how to leave it when a user is done; as well as a time to assess a users skill level and decision-making ability to be able to take a J/22 out safely. Below is a brief summary of what you will be asked to do during the check out process. (Not all check outs are 100% the same. Maneouvers & sailing time may be added to the process so that Meg can accurately assess someone's ability.)
During the check out, you will be asked to do the following:
- Rig & de-rig the boat
- Leave the mooring & return
- Demonstrate a tack and a gybe
- Be able to tell Meg where the wind is coming from & what the current is doing
- 'Successful' sailing includes adjusting the sails according to your angle to the wind.

The above is a brief over-view of the check out process. For more insight as to expectations and what Meg is looking for during the check out process, please click here. Again, the check out process is a time that CYC members are briefed about the boats, how they are to be left after each use, the sign out & reservation process, and general expectations. It is a process of both education and assessment of skill of the user.

Limitations may be placed on users based on their skills assessment check out. For example, a user may be allowed to use the boat, but only with the main sail; or a user may only be allowed to use the boat within certain wind ranges, etc... The goal is the get more CYC members on the water safely, not to impose restrictions or force lessons on anyone.

Contact Meg Myles to schedule your check out.

J/22 Local Racing Opportunities - please refer to the link in the sidebar on this page.


  • To reserve a J/22 September 6 - October 7, click here.


  • If you are a Fleet Member and reserve a sailing time, but do not use the boat nor cancel your reservation, you will be charged a $25 fee.

  • If you are not a fleet member and reserve a sailing time, but do not use the boat nor cancel your reservation, you will be charged in full.

Cancellations are done by e-mailing Meg Myles -
In the event that you cannot e-mail Meg, you may call or text her: 401-855-6643.



Reserve a J/22 here to reserve a boat from September 6 - October 7

J/22 Racing Opportunities

Check out local J/22 racing, including dates, registration links, and charter prices here.

Cancel a J/22 Reservation

Email Sailing Director, Meg Myles:

Fleet 12

The CYC is host to J/22 Fleet 12. Races are held Sundays during July and August. More information can be found here