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Women’s Sailing Club

Calling all CYC women to the women's sailing club! No sailing experience necessary.
The Women’s Sailing Club is an opportunity for all women to get out on the water regardless of experience, meet other CYC members, get comfortable on the water, and enjoy our beautiful Bay. 
There will be three-four women on each boat plus, one experienced female sailor on each boat. The two boats will leisurely sail around the Bay.  Basic instruction may take place so that everyone has a chance to try each position (if so desired).
(Joining the Women’s Sailing Club is separate from the J/22 Seasonal Membership.)

Dates will be e-mailed out in June, unless the weather warms quickly this spring. There is NO cost to being on the e-mail list. You are charged for the season if you tell me you will be a season member; otherwise, you will be charged based only on your attendance. Again, there is no cost to being on the e-mail list.

Eact dates tbd, but I hope to schedule sails for the following times:
            - A few Thursday evenings, 5-7
            - A few Fridays before TGIF, likely 4:30-6:30 pm
            - A few Sunday evenings, 4/4:30-6/6:30
            - Potentially, a weekday morning, 9:30-11:30 am
Cost: $125/person or $40/session

If you are interested in being on the e-mail list, or have questions, or to sign up for the program, contact Meg Myles: or 401-855-6643