COVID-19 Guidelines

Special Policies Related to COVID-19

  • Do not visit the Club if you or someone in your household has symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Whenever possible maintain at least six-foot distance from anyone outside your household.
  • Members, guests and visitors shall have a face covering in their possession when on Club property and likely to encounter anyone outside their household.
  • Members, guests and visitors shall wear face coverings when on Club property and unable to maintain the appropriate minimum six-foot distance from anyone outside their household.

These policies are in place until further notice.

Information & Guidelines

The state of Rhode Island announced that youth summer programs and camps can begin on June 29; youth sports were allowed to start June 1. CYC Junior Sailing will start June 29 and end August 21.

Fluid & Flexible Plans:

We continue to make updates and plan modifications as we learn new information from the State, American Camp Association (ACA), US Sailing Association, and the CDC. We also want to ensure that what we have committed to, we can manage as well as provide safe, high quality programming. We are putting best practices and procedures in place to ensure that we offer a safe and sanitary environment for our juniors and staff. We are prepared to adapt our plans as and when necessary, as we move forward. We ask that the parents and participants please be patient, understanding, and flexible, as we do our best to develop programs, safety procedures, and health policies, in real time, amid a highly dynamic, evolving landscape. While we will try to offer as much as we can for as many juniors as possible this summer, protecting the health and safety of all involved, and following all the required protocols, must come first.

General Structure for CYC Junior Programs for Summer 2020 (As of 6/7, subject to change)

Session Dates:

Sailing Programs will be offered starting June 29 & ending August 21 (8 weeks).

2-week Session Dates:

Session 1: June 29 - July 10
Session 2: July 13 - 24
Session 3: July 27 - August 7
Session 4: August 10 - 21

Racing Class Session Dates:

Racing Classes are an 8-week experience. Sailors are highly encouraged to participate in all 8 weeks.
Session 1: June 29 - July 24
Session 2: July 27 - August 21

Private lessons

Private lessons are available starting immediately and will remain available throughout the summer. Lessons are scheduled through Meg Myles or Emma Vogel. Email: Lessons are $60/hour with a two hour minimum.

Sailing Class Sizes:

In order to safely manage each class, and to follow the necessary COVID-19 procedures, sailing class sizes are limited. Class sizes will range from 5 to 10 sailors per fleet, with 1-2 instructors (based on session, age, skill level, and boat type).

Stable Groups:

State guidelines require groups of children to be the same for the entirety of a session.

a. Children will not be permitted to change between classes during a session. For example, if an Intermediate registered for the wrong class and should actually be in Adventure Opti, a child may not change classes once a session has started. He/she can only change classes once the session has ended. *A private lesson before a class starts is highly recommended for anyone who would like a skill assessment and a class recommendation made for class placement for their child.

b. If a child can attend only one week of a two-week session, it must be the first week. No one can start a class on the second week of a session. No exceptions.

c. Because class sizes are limited, there is no prorating for missed weeks or classes, and no make-up classes can be offered.

Space Limitations & Class Max Size:

Because of State Guidelines, distancing requirements, and necessary safety measures, we may not be able to accommodate all CYC sailors all sessions. If juniors cannot be accommodated in one session, we will try to offer priority placement in the next session. Priority will be given to year-round CYC members and then may be given to those with more experience for safety reasons and safe class management.

Details on Sailing Classes, Schedules, & Sessions:

Note we will continue to self-assess and see if we can offer more…

Beginners - tbd. I am not comfortable putting two unrelated children in a pram together, and I am wary of children learning to sail by themselves. Solo beginner sailing may work for a small percent of children but not the majority. We have a tough environment out there that requires instructors to often be quite close to kids. I really want children to have a good experience learning to sail. I do still think we will come up with a solution, but I’d like to hold off starting anything for beginners until likely mid-July. Thoughts are parent-child beginner sailing, sibling or cousin sailing, private lessons, and more. Thus, there is nothing to sign up for at the moment for beginners, but I will figure something out and be in touch.

Intermediates - 
Ages 9-12, children must be comfortable sailing solo. This is NOT a substitute class for beginners. Children who are beginners will be removed from class. 
M, T, Th, Fr mornings from 9-12 for 2 weeks. $220/session

Adventure Optimist - ages 10-12, children should have completed Intermediates, and be comfortable sailing solo.
M, T, Th, Friday afternoons from 1-4 for 2 weeks. $220/session

Adventure Sailing- ages 12 and older & for those who just want to recreationally sail.
T, W, Th mornings from 9-12 for 2 weeks. $230/session

Green Fleet 420 - 
ages 13 and older, this is an introduction to 420s and a pre-racing class.
Monday and Thursday 9 am - 4 pm, Tuesday and Friday 1 - 4 pm (2 full days, and 2 half days). 2-week sessions. $360

Green Fleet Optimist -
 for beginner Opti racers. This racing class is an 8-week experience in two four-week sessions. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in all 8 weeks.
M, W, Friday 9 am - 4 pm. $575/session, $1150 full season

Optimist Racing -
for Optimist sailors who have completed at least one season in Green Fleet Opti and enjoy racing. This racing class is an 8-week experience in two four- week sessions. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in all 8 weeks.
T, W, Fr 9 am - 4 pm. $575/session, $1150 full season

420 Racing -
for 420 sailors with a strong desire to for racing and have demonstrated good, solid boat-handling skills in 420s or other boats. There may be an additional day or partial day on Friday. I am hoping to arrange a weekly meet up with the Sail Newport BCRP Race Team to race once a week (looks like Friday’s). Class size is limited to 4 CYC 420s, 8 sailors. This racing class is an 8-week experience in two four-week sessions. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in all 8 weeks.
T, W, Th 9 am - 4 pm $1500 or $900 if you bring your own boat.

Lasers -
BYOB & boats provided; a recreational class promoting the fun of sailing Lasers and Bytes. CYC has 2 Lasers with a variety of rig options (4.7, radial, and full rig), as well as a Byte. Kids must weigh at least 90 lbs and be skillful enough to dock the boat without damaging it.
M & F afternoons, 1 - 4 pm, 2-week sessions. $225 boats provided, $200 BYOB

Create your Own Group - For those whose schedules do not line up with the two-week sessions offered and/or are anxious because of COVID-19, parents can create their own groups. 


  • Groups must have at least 4 kids, and must be the same kids every day for the entirety of the sessions
  • Minimum of one week, 2 weeks recommended (can meet 2 or 3 times a week. Once a week = private lessons and is a different fee)
  • Kids in this private group cannot participate in ANY other CYC jr sailing class during the same time period
  • This should not be a first sail experience for all 4 participants
  • Schedule is dependent on instructor availability and boat availability
  • CYC Jr Sailing staff will not help create groups in any way
  • Fee will be per child price
  • Contact Meg for pricing and scheduling

Race Team/Travel Regattas:

NBYA Jr Sailing will try to run regattas for junior sailors on a limited, north Bay/south Bay tow, in/tow out basis. This means there may be a few regattas for junior sailors this summer, but only events that we can tow to on the water. This plan is subject to change based on other programs’ capabilities, stresses, and State regulations.

Additionally, we will try to schedule weekly races with other, local clubs and race teams. If the race day does not coincide with a class day, sailors are encouraged to participate, but we will not make it mandatory.

COVID-19 Health & Safety:

a. Health Screenings:

All participating students and staff will need to pass a daily health screening. This will be REQUIRED daily, prior to starting class or working.

b. Fevers, COVID-19 Symptoms, and COVID-19 Exposure Protocols: 

1. COVID-19 Symptoms & Screening:

Sailors will be greeted at the CYC hedge to go through a verbal health screening DAILY. Parents are asked to remain in their cars at drop off and pick up. Instructors will approach each vehicle and go through a verbal attestation of health. Those who arrive on foot or by bike will also be screened at the CYC hedge. Children must be free of all COVID-19 symptoms to participate.

2. Fever:

If over 100.4, please do NOT come to sailing! It is required to stay home for at least 72 hours if you have a fever of 100.4 as well as after the fever has been below 100 for at least 24 hours without medication.

3. COVID-10 Exposure Protocols:

If someone - instructor or child - tests positive in a class, all class members, and all junior sailing families will be notified. Further instructions will be given at that time. RIDOH will also be notified to begin contact tracing.

c. Juniors with High Risk Health Conditions:

At this time, we do not recommend that anyone with preexisting health conditions which put them at high risk for COVID-19 complications, participate in the CYC Sailing Programs this summer; however, we leave that final decision up to parents and their child’s doctor.

d. COVID-19 Rules & Behaviors & Waivers:

All participating students, and their parents/guardians if minors, will need to review the Behavior Guidelines. This includes wearing a face covering (eg, mask, buff) while on land and not in a child’s class, as well as when directed to; maintaining 6’ social distancing when possible or when asked; staying only with their assigned class; following hand sanitation procedures and daily health screening. There is a stated behavioral plan and discipline policy in place for not following COVID-19 or behavior rules.

e. Face Coverings & Hand Washing:

All sailors will be required to wash their hands for 20+ seconds using soap upon arrival, as well as after sailing/playing, before eating, and before departing for the day. An outdoor sink is in place to facilitate the hand washing process. Face coverings will be required for all participants upon arrival and when a child leaves his/her class for any reason.

f. Outdoor Only:

Juniors will not be allowed in the CYC Jr Sailing Room. We encourage all juniors to arrive dressed/ready for class.

g. Cleaning & Sanitization:

We will be following the CDC, EPA, and State Guidelines for the cleaning and sanitizing of boats, equipment, touch-points, and storage areas used by each class.

1. Club Provided Gear:

The club will provide boats and related rigging for use in our programs. We will assign boats and equipment when possible. If boats are being shared from one class to another, the boats will be sanitized after each use.

2. BYO Equipment, Life Jacket, PPE, & More:

Juniors will be required to supply the following equipment: lifejackets, water bottle, face covering, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bathing suit, towels and closed-toed shoes. No sharing of this equipment allowed. Sailors must take home all equipment DAILY. No other personal junior gear or backpacks can be stored overnight at CYC.

Parent Logistics:

In an effort to maintain social distancing, and to keep the numbers of people at CYC low, parents who drop off by car are asked to stay in their cars, or to stay at the top of the CYC lawn by the hedge. Instructors will meet sailors at the hedge, go through the health screening, bring or direct them to their designated home bases, and then direct them to wash their hands.

a. Virtual Orientations:

Junior Sailing orientation will be conducted remotely using ZOOM this year. Opening Night, scheduled for June 19th will now be a zoom meeting at 6:30 pm. A link will be sent out a day in advance. This will be a great time for questions.

b. Class Cancellations for Weather:

Sailing will be cancelled or arrivals delayed for severe weather. Notifications will be sent via email as soon as possible to parents, hopefully by 7:45 a.m.

Please be flexible and understanding!

We have all had to become as knowledgeable as possible about infectious disease control over the past few months. Our team is doing our best to adapt the continuously changing dynamics to our program. We are eager and willing to work with you to find the best practices as we go along. Please be patient and understanding. We must consider safety and adherence to state/local/CDC policies in all our decisions. Plans and programs are highly likely to evolve and change as the summer goes on.

Questions - please contact:

Update 6/30/2020

  1. RI State guidelines have shifted for those traveling to RI starting today. Guidelines are:
    "If you are coming to Rhode Island from one of the states listed below with a positivity rate of COVID-19 greater than 5%, you will either have to self-quarantine for 14 days while in Rhode Island, or produce proof of a negative test for COVID-19 that was taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Rhode Island. If you receive a test after arriving in Rhode Island and get a negative test result, you can stop quarantining.”
    Here is a link to the list of States
    We do have to enforce this. Please, if you are coming from one of these locations, please get tested within 72 hours prior to arrival or quarantine for 14 days upon arrival before your child starts sailing at CYC. As per the regulations, I will need to see a copy of the negative test result.
  2. Anyone who comes to CYC and is not a sailor or an Instructor will need to be health checked if you interact with any of the stable groups. We have to keep our groups as stable as possible.
  3. Any shaded area on the CYC property is the home base for a specific class, for example, the gazebo. Do NOT sit at these locations. If you have to come down the lawn to pick up your child, you may stand at the flag pole. Our rule is that drop off and pick up needs to happen at the hedge. I know there will be exceptions, or some may forget. Please help us keep our groups safe and stable by NOT interacting with them or sitting in class home bases.

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