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Adopted by the Board May 16, 2020

  • Do not visit the Club if you or someone in your household has symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Whenever possible maintain at least 6 ft. distance from anyone outside your household
  • Have a face covering in your possession when on Club property
  • Wear face coverings on Club property when unable to maintain the minimum 6 ft. distance from anyone outside your household

These policies are in place until further notice.


Monday | June 1, 2020

Spring Greetings Fellow Members,

What a difference a week makes! The cold and rainy Commissioning last weekend seems a distant memory. As we greet the, hopefully sunny, month of June, the Club is also transitioning from the ‘No Gatherings’ posture that has been in place since March to a level of activity defined largely by the Governor’s Phase II of Reopening RI, but with a few adjustments based on our level of staff and ability to manage expanded sanitation tasks.

The most immediate impact is that as of June 1, coincident with RI Phase II, the Clubhouse and deck, and Racquets building and deck are no longer closed to member activity. Members are welcome to use the decks and property at both facilities as long as the gatherings are in compliance with the current government limitations, currently a limit of 15. The Special Policies relating to COVID-19 remain in place.

Requirements for continuous sanitation of spaces and surfaces limits our use of indoor spaces, for now, to the bathrooms and only when the buildings are staffed. When dining service begins later in June, the tables on the deck will be prioritized for reserved dining. Otherwise, the tables are available for Members to use. Members are asked to properly dispose of all trash and utilize available cleaning materials to wipe surfaces before and after use.

To comply with current regulations, we need to make a few adjustments to our dining service expected to begin in mid-June. Minimum table spacing reduces our capacity somewhat and reservations will be required. To ensure that we can serve everyone who wishes to dine, we will need to be mindful of our reservation times. The bar will not be open for members to approach and gather, but drinks may be ordered from the waitstaff and served tableside, or to members who are on the deck or lawn. Details will be well communicated in the coming weeks.

As it has been for some time, it is a very dynamic environment right now. Barry and the staff and Committees are working very hard to adjust staffing, training, procedures, and setting up new infrastructure to accommodate rapidly changing regulations. Please keep a close eye on the website and carefully read the email newsletters that will be arriving frequently.

Between now and when dining service begins, please take advantage of the weekend Grab-and-Go take out service, and enjoy a tasty meal and your favorite club beverage on the deck.

Sunny Regards,