First Mates

First Mates 2020 has been canceled

First Mates is a summer program for our 5-7 year old junior members, member's extended family and guests. Children must be 5 before July 1st to participate. No child under 5 will be accepted to this program as subject matter is geared toward 5 - 7 year olds.

Classes are limited to 10 participants. Members have priority space until May 1. After May 1, non-member guest registrations will be used to fill in the classes. Members who register after May 1st will be accepted on a space available basis.

Member guests can include: grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and other relatives and friends. However, they are considered non-members and will be billed as such as per the CYC bluebook. Grandchildren of members whose parents are not members will be placed on a wait list and have first priority after members' children as space allows. Nieces, nephews and other relatives and house guests will be placed on a wait list and be accepted as space allows after members' children and members' grandchildren.

First Mates Facilities

40 Bay View Drive
Jamestown, RI

Fort Getty
Jamestown, RI


Suzanne Bickford
Member Services