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Thursday | March 12, 2020

Dear Fellow CYC Members and guests,

In response to the rapidly escalating gravity of the COVID-19 outbreak, effectively immediately and until at least the 31st of March, all regular events at CYC are canceled, and all special and private events are canceled or postponed.

Coronavirus mitigation measures recently recommended by State and Federal officials include limiting gatherings, and particularly for populations over the age of 60 gatherings should be limited to events with 10 or fewer people. In light of this guidance and our abundant concern for the health of all our members, guests and employees, the Executive Committee has made this important and difficult decision.

During this period, the Clubhouse (including deck, dining rooms, and bar) is closed to all member and private events. The paddle courts remain open for member play and lessons, however tournaments are canceled. Members are encouraged not to gather or host ad hoc events at the facility. The CYC office remains open and is normally staffed, however members are encouraged to conduct business with the office by phone or email.

During the closure our conscientious staff will take the opportunity to ensure our Clubhouse facilities are cleaned to a high standard commensurate with the risk posed by the virus.

I regret any inconvenience this causes and request your patience and support as we manage this unprecedented situation. We will continually monitor the recommendations of State and Federal health agencies, and we will inform you if cancellations beyond the 31st are merited. We will also post important updates on the website.

Please take special care of yourselves in the coming weeks and I look forward to gathering with you at the Club in April.

Very Respectfully,
Andrew Kallfelz
Conanicut Yacht Club

P.S. While finalizing this letter, after the Executive Committee made this decision, I was sent an article by my brother. After reading it I am more confident that we have made a good decision. Our membership includes influential business, community, and thought leaders who can use this information to save lives. I urge all to read this. Corona Virus: Why You Must Act Now