Special Policies Relating To COVID-19

Approved and in effect as of 20 December 2021:

  • Vaccination eligible members will be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination in order to use any indoor facilities of the Club, including the Clubhouse and the indoor portion of the racquets facility;
  • Members wishing to use the indoor facilities at the Club are required to demonstrate their vaccination status by emailing a photograph of their vaccination card as soon as practicable to; if a member does not have access to email, he or she should telephone the office to make alternative arrangements;
  • To the extent that a member has not yet submitted his or her vaccination card electronically, he or she will be required to present their proof of vaccination to CYC staff in order to use the club’s indoor facilities;
  • All guests of members will be required to show proof of their vaccination status as a condition of using CYC’s indoor facilities;
  • As to Private Parties taking place at CYC indoor facilities, host members will be charged with obtaining proof of vaccination from their guests;
  • Vaccination eligible members who are not vaccinated are asked to refrain from using the Club’s indoor facilities until further notice;
  • Vaccination ineligible minors, if able, will be required to wear a mask in indoor club spaces, except while dining;
  • All member-facing staff will be required to wear masks at all times while on duty;
  • Mask use is encouraged, but not required, for vaccinated members using indoor Club facilities; and
  • Members are encouraged to keep windows and/or doors cracked open for purposes of ventilation at the indoor portion of the racquets facility.

These policies will be closely monitored for updating and revision but will remain in effect until further notice.

CYC is grateful for the warm welcome our members and cruising sailors receive at other yacht clubs and is pleased to offer reciprocal privileges as described here.


CYC offers reciprocal privileges to members of clubs listed in the most recent Register of Yachting Clubs of America.

Members from clubs located within thirty statute miles of CYC may use the Club once a month. Members of clubs further than thirty statute miles from CYC may use the Club as often as they wish as long as use is not disproportionate to privileges offered to CYC members at their home club.

Reciprocal guests are asked to contact CYC in advance to arrange their visit, and must present either their current club membership card or a letter of introduction from their club.

Guests are entitled to use the CYC clubhouse and waterfront, including dining, bar, shower facilities, transient moorings (if available) and launch service. We strongly encourage guests to contact the CYC office in advance to coordinate their visit. We regret that our tennis and paddle tennis facilities receive so much use that we are not able to make them available for reciprocal privileges.

Club-sponsored cruises from other yacht clubs are welcome to contact the CYC General Manager to arrange visits. The General Manager has discretion to accommodate special requests and to determine whether particular Club events should be limited to CYC members and their guests.

Rules and Regulations

Guests are required to comply with all club rules and regulations, including club protocol on appropriate attire and the use of cell phones.

Cell Phones: Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the Clubhouse and on the Clubhouse deck. Please silent all electronic devices.

Dress Code: All guests must comply with Clubhouse and/or appropriate event rules at the Club. Casual attire may include shorts and jeans but shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in the Clubhouse and on the deck.

Smart casual attire, for dinners and special events, is slacks and collared shirt for men (jacket optional) and similar appropriate attire for women.

Transient Moorings

CYC has several moorings available for use by guests. Please contact the CYC office or launch driver for availability. The launch may be hailed on VHF CH. 72 during its hours of operation, which vary during the season. Please see the launch schedule HERE. Moorings are removed after Columbus Day.

Transient Mooring Policy

The Club's transient moorings are available only to CYC members, guests of CYC members and members of other yacht clubs with whom CYC has reciprocity only. In general, the maximum length of stay on a transient mooring will be one week, however the Commodore may make exceptions to this limit on a case by case basis. Reservations are required by calling (401) 423-1424.

A map of the area may be found HERE.

Guest showers are located in the rear of the carriage house, and dining is available through the club dining room. Lunch is served daily in season. Dinner is served Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday in season. For information on current dining room offerings or to make dinner reservations, call (401) 423-2888. When making a reservation, include your name, yacht club and member number along with your party total. Please check the Protocol section of Dining & Social on this website for proper attire. CYC accepts credit cards.

Ice is available at $2.00/bag for cubes and $3.50 for blocks in the enclosure behind the kitchen. Please pay in the office during regular business hours, the bar tender if available, or the launch driver before departing.

The launch monitors VHF channel 72. Launch schedule is HERE. Contact the office to make a reservation or inquiry (401) 423-1424 or email

Reciprocal guests may settle their account by personal check, cash, or credit card. Please come to the office above the carriage house during regular office hours to make payment upon arrival and before your departure to settle your account.

Office hours:

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm