Junior Sailing

The CYC Jr. Sailing program is open to all juniors including non-members, member guests, friends and relatives.* The program provides a safe and fun environment where youth sailors of all ages and abilities can improve their sailing skills, while learning respect for their fellow sailors, boats and the water. Sportsmanship and respect are of the utmost importance, and it is the instructors' responsibility to engender these qualities among the sailors. The program strives to provide a high level of excellence as well as a variety of boats and classes to instill a lifetime love of the sport of sailing.

Jr. Sailing class placement is based primarily on skill, not age. Sailors must be 8 years old by September 1 the year in which he/she will begin to participate in junior sailing. There are multiple pathways for learning to sail, progressing through the CYC Junior Sailing Program, and becoming a competent sailor. Starting in the beginner class is always recommended as the best place to start learning to sail, regardless of age. Kids who start in the beginner class and go through the recommended class progression (link to class progressions) often become the most competent, confident, and independent sailors.

*All juniors including non-member guests, friends and relatives are required a $100 limited CYC Junior Membership fee.

CYC Sailing Facility

40 Bay View Drive
Jamestown, Rhode Island


Meg Myles
Junior Sailing Program Director
(401) 855-6643

Session Registration

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2019 Junior Sailing Guide

The 2020 guide will be posted when available.

Class Schedules & Fees

Beginners Ages 8 -12

An introduction to sailing, Beginners will have fun with the basics of sailing – wind directions, parts of the boat, rigging, capsize and recovery, bailing, knots, points of sail, tacking, jibing, towing, and docking, as well as basic boat care. Swimming, games, and knot tying will all be part of this fun-focused introduction to sailing class.

Intermediates – Ages 9-12

Intermediate sailors will build upon the skills learned as beginners to sail solo in Prams. A combination of fun activities and skill-building drills will be incorporated into the class to develop a love of sailing and confidence in each child. Docking, sail trim, weight distribution, maneuvering, points of sail, getting into and out ‘of irons' and sailing backwards will all be covered in class.

Recreational Sailing – Ages 12+

Adventure Sailing – Ages 12+

Adventure sailing is a class for children who enjoy sailing and just want to enjoy time on the water (but not race) and/or, are new to sailing.
This class uses multiple platforms to cruise around Narragansett Bay- Hunter 140s, O’Pen Bics, Hartley 10’s, J/22s, and anything else that we can find to safely float and sail. Sailors are welcome to bring their own boat to class too!

Keel Boat Crew Training - Ages 12 +

The goal of this class is to give young sailors a larger sailing platform to sail with friends and become confident and competent sailing a J/22 keelboat. This class is for sailors who are ages 11 or 12 and older. Ideally, children will have some sailing experience and understanding of sailing.

O'Pen Bic Class

This class is intended for sailors who are in Green Fleet Optimist or higher class levels, or Adventure Sailing sailors who can sail by themselves in a variety of wind conditions. Sailors must know how to and be comfortable sailing solo. This class is geared for sailors who LOVE sailing O'Pen Bics and want to 'play' in them a few afternoons a week.

Racing – Ages 10 – 13

Adventure Optimist – Ages 10-12

This class is intended for the sailor who has completed Intermediates (or the equivalent). Sailors must be comfortable sailing solo. The class will expand on the seamanship and boat handling they have previously learned with lots of "tiller time" in Optimists. Sailors will be on the water in their boats sailing for fun, exploring the Bay, learning how to sail well in a variety of conditions. Instructors may also introduce racing in a fun, non-traditional way.

CYC 420 Racing Team

420 sailors who have a strong desire for racing and have demonstrated good, solid boat-handling skills in 420s or other boats, are ready for the CYC 420 Racing Team. Practices will focus on advanced boat handling with trapezes and spinnakers, racing drills, racing rules, and strategy. Skipper/crew teams will be formed by the coach, though requests will be considered.

CYC Optimist Racing Team

The CYC Opti Racing Team is for Optimist sailors who have completed at least one season in Green Fleet Optimist and enjoy racing. Racing is also the best way to master the sport of sailing and hone your skills. Sailors should have basic racing skills. Practices will focus on racing drills, advanced boat handling, racing rules, and strategy.

Green Fleet 420 – Age 13+

This class is an introduction to sailing and racing Club 420's (formerly called Apprentice 420). Sailors who are interested in progressing to racing, and those who may be interested in high school and college sailing, should join this class. The class will focus on all aspects of becoming a competent 420 sailor: skippering and crewing, long distance sails, seamanship skills, docking, rules of the road, and introduction to spinnaker and trapeze will be covered in class.

Green Fleet Optimist Team

Green Fleet Opti is for beginning Optimist racers. Sailors who participated in Adventure Optimist in previous years, anyone who is competitive, and/or is interested in starting to race Optimists should join this group. Like any other sport, racing hones skills and mastership of the sport. Instruction encourages fun on the water with sessions that combine racing drills and recreational sailing. Green fleet sailors need to be able to go upwind, tack, jibe, and control their boats in varied wind conditions. The class will teach the fundamentals of racing and racing rules.


This class is designed for anyone who wants to sail/race a Laser or a Byte. Instruction will focus on boat handling, sail controls and making adjustments, weight placement, technique, racing, and strategy. Though the class will be geared towards racing, long distance and "fun" sails will be interspersed with drills to achieve competency and confidence.


Registration opening date for members and returning non-members Feb 15. Completed Registration Forms are due by May 15, after which time a $50 late fee will be charged. All juniors including non-member guests, friends and relatives are required to pay an additional $100 limited CYC Junior Membership fee.

Optional Fees

$ 50 Lunch Program Deposit (to draw down) to set up a lunch account (only Limited Junior Sailing members)
$ 150 per session charter fee (Adventure Optimist)
$ 30 pinny fee (Racing classes)
$ 55 per event trailer spot for regattas or $150 for all NBYA regattas (Green Fleet Optimist, Optimist Racing)

      Add 1 day each week - $ 100 per session
      Add 2 days each week - $ 200 per session

Green Fleet 420:
      Add Thursdays - $ 240 per session

Add-on Single Week Costs:
    One Week Beginners - $120
    One Week Intermediates - $140
    One Week Adventure Optimist - $120
    One Week Keel Boat Crew Training - $175
    One Week Adventure Sailing 2 half days - $95
    One Week Adventure Sailing 3 days - $125
    One Week Adventure Sailing 5 days half days - $200
    One Week O'Pen Bic, 2 days - $90
    One Week O'Pen Bic, 3 days - $125
    Green Fleet 420, M/F only - $150
    Green Fleet 420, M/W/F - $220
    Lasers, M/F - $100

Refund Policy

After June 1, a $25 administrative fee will be assessed, with the balance refunded. If a sailor has attended class(es), the refund will be prorated based on the number of classes attended.

Opening Night

Opening Night will be held Friday, June 21 from 6-6:30 pm outside of the junior room on the back lawn. It is mandatory for all junior sailing participants. This evening is important for parents and sailors alike. (All children are welcome.) T-shirts for 2019 will be handed out at this time.

Equipment To Bring

All Junior Sailors must bring their own life jacket. Life jackets are to be worn at all times when on a boat, on the water, on the pier, and on the docks.

Additionally, children should have the following:
    - Hat
    - Sunglasses
    - Sunscreen
    - Closed-toed boating shoes (bare feet not allowed)
    - A snack (no food is provided)
    - A Towel
    - A change of clothes
    - Layers in case it is cold or raining. (It is always cooler on the water, and sailors will sail in the rain. Children will NOT sail if there are thunderstorms or thunderstorms are within a 20 mile radius. Classes are held though, regardless of the weather.)
    - A water bottle. In order to reduce the number of plastic cups used for water, sailors are required to bring their own water bottles. Refill stations are available in the junior room.

For information about the Junior Sailing Program, contact Meg Myles, Junior Sailing Program Director.
Choose your Session #, then fill out the Junior Registration Form.