COVID-19 Guidelines

Special Policies Related to COVID-19

  • Do not visit the Club if you or someone in your household has symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Whenever possible maintain at least six-foot distance from anyone outside your household.
  • Members, guests and visitors shall have a face covering in their possession when on Club property and likely to encounter anyone outside their household.
  • Members, guests and visitors shall wear face coverings when on Club property and unable to maintain the appropriate minimum six-foot distance from anyone outside their household.

These policies are in place until further notice.

5/26/20 Update

Dear CYC Jr. Sailing Families,

My apologies for the delay in updating you and the lack of communication over the past few weeks. State guidelines were published last Thursday night, May 21, for camps and youth programs. If interested, you can find them here under ‘Child Care and Youth Activities’. Our start date will be June 29, not June 22 as planned. I also hope to push the end date back to August 21.

There will be changes to the schedule of classes and dates. I hope to have the new schedule published or at least emailed to you all this Friday, May 29. All email updates and COVID-19 junior sailing-related information can be found on this page.

Additional changes as per State guidelines will include the following:

  • Stable groups of 15 or less, meaning the same children in each class (this is a challenge with the typical schedule, hence we are scaling back offerings)
  • taggered drop offs and pick ups to keep groups separated
  • Daily health screening
  • 14 day advanced health screening - forms will be sent out soon.
  • A specific COVID-19 waiver must be signed
  • LOTS of hand washing
  • Use of masks or buffs unless within a child’s stable group (class) or when sailing (no buffs or masks while sailing)
  • No junior sailors will be allowed in the junior room. All equipment will be brought out to boats by instructors
  • We will massively increase cleaning of all equipment, boats, powerboats, etc…
  • We will NOT start beginners until later (time unknown). We are working on other methods of teaching beginners - parent child lessons, private lessons, siblings, etc...

I still need to modify the registration information on both sites (guest and member) as well as get all of our protocols, behavior guidelines and such online. I’d like to be completely transparent with everything that we have planned. To that end, I will schedule a zoom call for anyone interested. I will outline what we have planned, our new guidelines, class schedules, and more. It will be a good time to ask questions. I will get that organized in the next 10 days.
I have a call tonight night to discuss junior racing on the Bay. I will make final changes to our schedule after that. I anticipate making our schedule simpler and offering shorter sessions in most classes.

In conclusion, we are taking a conservative approach to ensure the safety of all and to make sure that we can handle all the additional cleaning and documentation required. There are some great opportunities for junior sailing presented by the COVID-19 crisis - shifting the focus away from racing and more to adventuring and enjoying the Bay. It will be a different summer for sure, but I look forward to all working together to make this a great summer.


5/18/20 Update:

As per last week’s update, information is flowing very slowly. Here is what we know:

  • Start of Junior Sailing is postponed until June 29, as per State regulations
  • Groups size will be limited to 10 or fewer
  • Classes need to remain stable, meaning the same group of kids each week for the session
  • Masks will likely remain in effect when on land - we are looking at getting buffs - not mask but something that will help and is easier to wear, especially when it is warm. (A buff is like a neck gaiter that you wear in the winter, but a different material that is lighter for warmer weather - great neck sun protection too!)

Our plan so far includes the following:

  • Potentially a staged starting approach, which means starting with single-handed sailing only June 29 for at least the first week. At this juncture, we know that single-handed sailing is approved. Additionally, we know that there will be a great deal that we need to do to provide a safe environment for staff and children. The safety of our staff and children is of the utmost importance. We need at least a week to ensure that we can put into place and perform all of the guidelines and protocols necessary to run Junior Sailing this summer.
  • Health assessments will be required prior to the start of your child’s sailing. We will send out a health assessment form
  • Temperature checks will likely be required daily. (Staff temperature checks as well)

More information and all details, protocols, and guidelines will be posted here as information about the summer is revealed to us from the Governor.
We are still accepting registrations. It is likely that schedules will change to accommodate all users of the club. I will do my best to coordinate with tennis, so that those children who are both playing tennis and sailing can still do so.

Please contact Meg Myles with any questions. And, please register or contact Meg with your interest in Jr Sailing this summer so that I can staff appropriately.

Email 5/10/20:

Information is still flowing VERY slowly from the Governor. Unfortunately, I think this will continue. Currently, through all three phases of reopening, there is 6’ social distancing in place, and this applies to sailboats. DEM states that only families can be on a boat together. The Governor is not putting dates to the three phases, except that she is hoping that this phase 1 will last about 14 days.

I do not have any concrete plans in place. It is still a time of making plans, not decisions. As of now, I believe we will open jr sailing in stages, starting with single-handed classes (Opti Racing and maybe Opti Green Fleet) on time, June 22. Other classes will be added in as we get further guidance. Learn to sail classes are a challenge under the current rules and regulations. However, I am making plans to see what we can offer for beginners and family sailing.

This coming week the Governor is expected to provide guidance regarding day care. She is expected to say only that they are still working on guidance for summer camps and programs. I know that many of you need to make concrete plans and I apologize for not being able to give you the information you need to do that.

While all of this is challenging, I think we have some opportunities and it can be a great summer! It is time to dig out any and all single-handed boats. Let’s see what we can do.

Stay tuned for more information next week. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


COVID-19 Liability Waiver 

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